4 Modern ways how to design your piano room

Has your clock stopped counting the number of hours that you spent at your piano? Well, you are not alone in this one! We are the type of people who have not only dedicated time to the piano, we have dedicated our lives and we are loving it!

But, have you noticed how our playing becomes better when we encounter a room that takes our breath away? Like a magnificent concert hall with 200-years-old paintings and wooden details on the wall or even a pleasant classroom with artistic figurines and flowers around every corner. Well, that is quite an unwritten rule of all human beings – whether is a fancy outfit or a beautiful environment, the aesthetics can aspire us to bring out our best cards to the table.

Therefore, in order to boost your concentration and motivation, in this text, you will find 4 affordable ideas that can give your practicing room or your piano studio a modern and tasteful touch. 

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The coziness and the urban look of the Loft interior style will never get old. The open-space concept with warm-colored industrial elements can give you a feeling you are practicing on a rooftop of New York. That interior can definitely give you a piece of The Big Apple’s drive.

Brown and black are the most dominant colors, so when choosing furniture or decorations, try to add those two first. That combination is easily adjustable to any other color that you want to add, especially green, blue and red.

The good thing is that furniture and decoration for this style are easily accessible and adaptable to any type of room. The one thing that classifies them is simplicity and when searching for it, look for straight lines and a minimalistic detail approach to it.

Let’s start with bigger things, like shelves. I am an absolute fan of loft shelves and I would repeat that sentence slower and slower just to make it clear how beautiful they are. A combination of warmish-colored wood and black pipes just fits any room and all kinds of decoration, from books to sculptures and flowers, fits perfectly. For creative people like us, the space on those shelves creates your personal story that you will gladly look at when you get overwhelmed by practicing or tired of working. Placed by the side of the piano or anywhere else, these shelves are something where it’s easy to say yes to it.

Just as you can see in those pictures, imagination can go wild with so many affordable decorations that can alive your piano room, like flowers, books, and, of course, the most strick jury, the figurines. Whether the figurine is your favorite composer or just a cat, their straight look can definitely be a silent teacher to us or to our students.

2. The Industrial Style

If you are more into the modern edgy style that will push you to your peak every day, then the industrial design is the one for you. Just as you can tell from the name, this style is inspired by working environments and factories where mind flutters are not part of it. All shades of grey, black and brown colors together in combination with sharp and raw designs can evoke the unstoppable virtuoso machine in you.

When creating an industrial interior, one of the most representative details of the that style that you need to look out for are the metal pipes. They mostly come in shelves, chairs, tables, or decorations. As you can see from the examples below, even though they have that raw factory look, modern designs that are found in the industrial catalogs are quite creative, but also handy for putting metronomes, drinks, clocks, and artistic figurines close to the piano.

As you can see, one of the benefits of this style that will suit most piano owners is the neutral-colored atmosphere that always perfectly fits black pianos, which the majority have at their homes or studios. But, if you are looking to create a smoother variation of the industrial style, then don’t forget to include metal somewhere, or at least the color of it. It will still be a clear sign of a working environment.

3. Industrial Bookcases

An aesthetically priceless detail but yet a very cheap finish of your industrial piano room is a brick wall. The easiest solution to realize this endeavor is the peel-and-stick wallpapers that come in many different colors and designs, but, like all pianists are opted for new big challenges, if you want the real ones, this idea can be next on your to-do list.

3. Minimalistic design

If you agree with Leonardo da Vinci that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (1452), then you might consider creating a shortlist of things that you will find helpful around your piano. Designing your room in minimalistic manners doesn’t mean that you only need the bare necessities, like the piano, a chair for it, and adequate lighting. By choosing less, you create a more meaningful environment – you give value to a small number of things that you have chosen to follow you on your piano path.  

So, before you take your pen and paper and start designing your minimalistic piano studio, think about the things that inspire you, which of them awake your drive. Is that a nice piece of art on the wall that gives you a breather when you need one, or are the flowers the key to your serenity? Whatever that is, take one or two of them and allow the clear space to empower your piano and your amulet. Those pictures below can give you some ideas.

4. Welcome to 18th century

The contrast of the previous futuristic minimalistic approach is definitely the Vienna aristocracy style. Just as the most eminent composers have created their masterpieces in that warm and ornamentally decorated environment, practicing them today in the same surrounding can give you a feeling you are a part of that time.

Even though this style is over 300 years old, its elegance has permeated through the centuries to the present day. That makes all furniture and decoration easily accessible, whether it is a new or an antique one – piano or regular chairs, shelves, lamps, sculptures, vases, pictures, carpets, etc. Therefore, get inspired with the Amadeus (1984) or the Immortal Beloved (1994) movie, and design your room just as the grand pianists of that time. Maybe that will also motivate you to invite your fellow piano colleagues and organize some Salon concerts!

Have you found your perfect design for your piano room? Share your thoughts and ideas on the Pianita forum! Part two of 4 modern ways how to decorate your piano room will be released soon!