Since you are here, you are probably wondering what is Pianita and who stands behind it. But, before we get into that, firstly I want to thank you for coming to this website. The fact that you are here already tells me that we share the same vision – to give value to the piano community and continue cherishing it after centuries of existing. 

Today, when we have the opportunity to share our thoughts and experiences worldwide, I feel motivated to create a place where each piano enthusiast has an opportunity to share, meet, read, explore, learn, and have fun. Therefore, the Pianita blog is my contribution to you and the whole piano community.

Music was always an integral part of my whole life from an early age. Even though nobody has played an instrument at my home, I was so excited whenever music occurred. One big wooden spoon was my microphone, and it was my favorite toy out of so many that I had when I was little. Not even legos nor a barbie with a white carriage could replace it. That gave my parents a conclusion that there is some connection between music and me which led them to buy me a keyboard and enroll me in music lessons. When I saw and heard that giant instrument called the piano, I knew that we will become an inseparable duo. The rest of the story you can already anticipate – I have chosen to dedicatedly continue music education. After graduating from Piano performance in a High music school, my teachers and I have noticed that my awareness to cherish and develop the music scene is wider than just playing the piano. That led me to continue my education in the Musicology department of the Academy of Arts, where I could acquire in-depth knowledge of classical music and develop skills that are desirable for a music caretaker, like researching, speaking, and writing.  

Before enrolling in the master studies in Music and media and starting online teaching across the whole United States, I fell in love with the possibilities to share my knowledge, passion for this creative world, and beautiful melodies with anyone around the globe that loves this giant instrument too. Therefore, I want to welcome you again to the Pianita blog, and I wish you will enjoy this community just as I have even before when everything was just an idea!  


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